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Featured photo courtesy of Vivilux.

February 2023

By Polly Dean

What began and was created as a tool for quilters and crafters, has also caught the eye of fly fishermen. In fact, Dave Riba, who developed the portable magnifier and lamp with crafters in mind, debuted his item recently with fly fishermen at the Atlanta Fly Fishing Show.

Photo courtesy of Vivilux.

Riba noticed at craft shows, that often female attendees were purchasing the lamp for their spouses to use for tying flies. This prompted Riba to attend the Atlanta Fly Fishing Show and we’re glad he did. Fly tyers featured at the show, had a chance to try out the lamps with magnifiers, and several gladly took advantage of the opportunity.

Mack Bryson trying out the Vivilux at the Atlanta Fly Fishing Show. Mack was profiled in the March 2020 UNI Products Fly Tiers Corner column of On The Fly South. Photo by Polly Dean.

The lamp is portable and light-weight and can be carried on fishing trips for either spur of the moment or planned tying sessions. It is stable and not ‘tippy’ at all during use. There are different sizes and models of the lamp. It comes with three settings: bright white, warm (for reading) and natural daylight (for true color). The light uses twin super bright 1200 lumen LED bulbs.

The lamp has a built-in rechargeable power bank, that includes a wireless cell phone charger and USB port for tablets, Kindles, and non-wireless phones. The rechargable batteries never need replacing. They are fully charged in three hours, offering light for days. With no cord, it can be used anywhere.

Like crafters, fly-tiers require good magnification with their lamps. VivLux answered their request by offering two options to their customers. Available are a 6-inch by 4 inch rectangular magnifier to accompany the lamp, or a smaller round 2-inch magnifier. Each can be used independently or clipped on to the lights.      


Photo courtesy of Vivilux.

The ViviLux Rechargeable Cordless LED Task Lamp with charger is the perfect tool for any use whether it is for tying flies anywhere illumination is needed

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