Tackling Winter Fishing in the Ozarks

On The Fly Freshwater

by Trent Fleming

Featured photo by Jimmy Jacobs

Many fishermen, even those who regularly write about their adventures, are often reluctant to disclose their favorite spot, for fear of creating a stampede of competitors and fishing out the hole.  For me, my home waters are the entire White River tailwater system in Arkansas and Missouri.  There are plenty of places that, on a given day, might be my favorite spot.  The tip I hesitate to give away is not location, but timing.  I like the winter.  Any time after the spawn is finished is fair game to me.  So, in a spirit of furthering our sport, I offer my thoughts on winter fishing. Read More

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Battling the Weather on Lake Taneycomo

On The Fly Freshwater

Article & Photo by Jimmy Jacobs

There’s a dual nature to 2080-acre Lake Taneycomo at Branson in southern Missouri. The lake was built in 1913 and takes its name from a mash up of its location in Taney County, Missouri. But, this reservoir can’t seem to make up its mind to whether it’s really a lake or river. Read More

Fly Fishing the South


Cattin’s Around on the Mississippi Coast

On The Fly Saltwater

Article & Photo by Jimmy Jacobs

Slipping out of the Pass Christian Small Craft Harbor on the Magnolia State’s western coast, our boat turned south. The course took us roughly a dozen miles across the slick waters of the Mississippi Sound, toward the string of barrier islands that rested on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico. Read More

North Mills River’s Newly Gained Respect

On The Fly Freshwater

Article & Photo by Jimmy jacobs

For several decades the North Mills River was usually overlooked when it came to trout action in northwest Henderson County, North Carolina. It is a picturesque stream formed by headwater tributaries flowing down from the portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway between Elk Pasture Gap to the west and Grady Fork Gap on the east. Yet, still it was under-utilized. Read More

  • Fly Fishing the South

Lilley’s Landing Resort & Marina

Inns, Lodges, Resorts

Article & Photo by Polly Dean

Located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains, Lilley’s Landing Resort and Marina is situated on the banks of Upper Lake Taneycomo on the renowned White River in Branson, Missouri. Browse the Lilly’s Landing website and you will see that this is the place for catching big trout – notably big brown trout! In fact, records for brown trout are made and broken here repeatedly. Read More

The Sector Series from Scott Rods

On The Fly Gear

Photos by Polly Dean

Scott High Performance Fly Rods recently debuted their new Sector Series rods and On The Fly South got the opportunity to put one of them to the test.

The rods are billed as advancing the company’s award-winning ReAct technology to the next level with both new tapers and Carbon Web construction. These hand-crafted rods also introduce the most cutting-edge components ever created. Read More

Dogwood Canyon Nature Preserve

End of the Line

Lampe, Missouri

Article & Photo by Jimmy Jacobs

Mention the name Johnny Morris to any angler and the Bass Pro Shops empire he has built comes to mind. Beginning by selling bass lures at a counter in the back of his father’s liquor store, the business now stretches nationwide.

However, there is another side to Johnny Morris, besides being a shrewd businessman. He also is an avid student of history and a committed conservationist. Both of those interested meshed when he founded the Dogwood Canyon Nature Preserve in Lampe, Missouri, deep in the Ozark Mountains. Read More