Float Fishing on the Harpeth

Photo courtesy of Tennessee State Parks

On The Fly Freshwater

By Joe Shaffer

As the water current raced between the deeply cut banks of the Narrows of the Harpeth near Kingston Springs, Tennessee, I looked on with dismay. My little kayak would be tossed around like a toy in the current and wading from the bank wasn’t an option after the rain squalls of the previous week. The soft clay would be impossible to grip in case I needed to scramble out. Maybe if I could just get to that island in the center of the river I could fish from there. Read More

September 2020 Edition

  • Fly Fishing the South

Bark Camp Creek for Back-Country Kentucky Trout

On The Fly Freshwater

Photo and Article by Jimmy Jacobs

When it comes to Bluegrass State trout fishing, most of the attention focuses on the commonwealth’s tailwater action, and especially on the big water of the Cumberland River downstream of Wolf Creek Dam. But, that’s not the only type trout water found in Kentucky. There also are smaller, back-country streams in the Daniel Boone National Forest. Read More

Redfish of Winyah Bay

On The Fly Saltwater

Photo and Article by Jimmy Jacobs

“It’s about the worst time to target redfish on the fly,” the guide offered as we headed out in his 18-foot Beavertail flats boat. That’s not really the kind of prediction you want to hear when leaving the boat ramp. But, as the day progressed, it made me wonder just how outstanding the action for redfish was during the better times! Read More

Weird Catches

On The Fly Freshwater

Photo by Polly Dean

By Jimmy Jacobs

It is not particularly unusual when asking a conventional angler what he’s fishing for to get an answer similar to “whatever’s biting.” On the other hand, most fans of the long rod ordinarily are honing in on a particular species when targeting freshwater fish.

Still, sometimes when we feel the take of the fly, we get a surprise. Here’s a compilation of times when the catch was out of the ordinary. Read More


Putting the “Premio” in Pliers

On The Fly Gear

By Claude Preston

Ask any travelling angler, what is one of the most important pieces of gear they take on every trip, and almost all of them will tell you a good, dependable set of fishing pliers. Hemostats serve a purpose, but can only get you so far. With the boundaries of fly-fishing destinations being pushed daily, a pair of sturdy non-corrosive pliers backed by a lifetime warranty is worth its weight in gold and will make your fishing expeditions that much more enjoyable. Read More

Murrells Inlet Fishing Lodge


Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

Featured photo by Ivo Kerssemakers

By Polly Dean

Anglers heading to South Carolina’s Grand Strand now have a new option for accommodations that combines all the modern conveniences with a throw back to earlier times. There are not many places where you can find first rate lodging at the back door of a bait and tackle shop that’s been in business for more than 60 years. Read More

The Marsh Walk

End of the Line

Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

Photo by Jimmy Jacobs.

Article by Polly Dean.

Ordinarily we concentrate on one establishment in this column, but the choices were so varied at this destination, we decided to present it all instead.

Located in the heart of the historic fishing village of Murrells Inlet, the Marsh Walk is a 1/2-mile wooden boardwalk along a saltwater estuary. This scenic walkway provides visitors easy access to waterfront dining and lowcountry cuisine in the heart of South Carolina’s Grand Strand. On the other hand, it doesn’t attract the gigantic – and sometimes rowdy – crowds found to the north in Myrtle Beach. Read More