UNI-Mohair (2-Plies) Camel

Tying material on which you can count!

On The Fly Gear

September 2022

UNI Products is a world leader in the supply of spooled fly-tying materials The company just announced the addition of UNI-Mohair (2-Plies) Camel to their line up of fine tying materials.

The mohair fibers do not absorb water, thus making it ideal for dubbing the body of dry flies. Additionally, the material has long fibers and comes in 29 colors. That allows for a lot of leeway in creating the perfect bodies for your ties.

This versatile material creates realistically dubbed bodies in a single step, or it can be combed out to leave a few fibres at the back to simulate a trailing shuck. Those are just two of the many possible uses.

In addition to regular single-color packaging, UNI-Mohair (2-Plies) is available in a combo package of 20 spools. Many local fly shops carry the products made by UNI, but if they don’t, it is possible for them to order the UNI-Mohair (2-Plies) Camel.

Visit the UNI Products website for information about all the company’s products. And remember, you can look to UNI-Products for the best in spooled fly-tying materials and accessories.

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