The Bauer RX-7 Fly Reel

On The Fly Gear

By Polly Dean

July 2021

The RX-7 comes in three color patterns.

The RX-7 is the strongest reel in the Bauer line-up. This model series begins with the RX 1 and runs through to the RX 7. The RX 7 is designed for 11-, 12- or13-weight fly rods and is touted as being capable to stop any fish on the planet. This heavy hitter is also their priciest at $925, but as mentioned by those that speak highly of this reel, when a pretty penny is spent traveling for these fish of a lifetime, such as tarpon, permit and dorado, one doesn’t want to skimp on the gear. Reliability is key and the Bauer RX 7 is a reel that won’t let you down.

Reviews and users of Bauer reels report on how smooth their drag is. At first glance, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when in situations that require adjusting or tweaking the drag while battling a big fish, this can be huge deal. Users will notice that when a big fish, such as a permit makes that first streak across the flat, how smooth and consistent the feel of the line and backing is, as it leaves the reel. It doesn’t speed up and slow down,  and if the fish nears sharp coral or other obstacles, don’t hesitate to tighten down the drag an extra notch or two. With the Bauer reels, you can make that minor adjustment with confidence.

Bauer reels are assembled by hand in Twin Bridges, Montana – the same place that Winston fly rods are built. Bauer revolutionized the fly reel, when in 1995, they created the award-winning design that combines large arbor performance with a simple, but innovative “zero-backlash” drag clutch. Jon Bauer used his background in race cars and precision technology to provide a different perspective on how a fly reel should perform. Over the years, Bauer continued his design revolution and precision engineering to perfect the reel to perform as the finest reel should.

            These reel feature stronger seals for protection against saltwater corrosion and a more powerful structure and drag system, featuring multiple carbon discs and five times the surface area for maximum stopping power and control. The RX 7 is the largest of the model line with a diameter of 4.5 inches. It weighs 9.4 ounces and has a capacity of 450 yards of 30-pound backing with 12-weight line.

            RX trout and saltwater reels are the pinnacle of design and performance, as they also rewrite the definition of “smooth and reliable.” For more information, visit the Bauer Reel website.