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Featured photo courtesy of Stone Creek Lodge.

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February 2021

Some might term the accommodations at Stone Creek Lodge “rustic.”  And that is just fine, since it is the epitome of a comfortable and welcoming fishing and hunting lodge. Situated near the shores of Stockton Lake in southwest Missouri between Springfield and Kansas City, owners Amanda and Kris Nelson offer first-rate hospitality to go along with great options for sport on the water and in the fields.

Owners Kris and Amanda Nelson. Photo by Jimmy Jacobs.

Kris operates Tandem Fly Outfitters, putting his more than 20-years of guiding experience to use on 24,900-acre Stockton Lake and the tailwaters of the lake’s dam on the Sac River, as well as surrounding waters. Stockton is a pleasure just to be on – it is an Army Corps of Engineers impoundment managed under a non-development policy. Expect to see just forests along its shores.

The main species Nelson targets are small and largemouth bass, crappie, white bass, walleyes and trout. During the fall and winter months he also guides deer hunters. When he needs help, he calls on his cousin Cole Boyd, who also is an accomplished fishing guide.

The Nelsons run Stone Creek Lodge as a family-friendly sporting camp. Don’t expect to be bothered here by partying and loud music. You are more likely to hear songbirds in the daytime and owls as you sit by the fire ring at night.

The dining hall. Photo by Jimmy Jacobs,

Another unique feature offered at Stone Creek are “Canadian-style” all-inclusive fishing packages. Those include your room, guided fishing and meals. Expect the meals to be fresh home cooking straight from Amanda Nelson’s kitchen. Those meals are served in the dining hall, which also features a pool table and shop carrying fishing essentials.

Chow time! Photo courtesy of Stone Creek Lodge.

“Our reasoning for offering packages like this is to build the relationship with our customers and give them the best experience they can get,” Kris explained. “We don’t want to just meet you at the boat ramp and say bye at the end of the day. We value getting to know you and want to give you the most opportunities for great fishing.”

The motel-style guest rooms are located in a separate building. Each has its own bath, heat and air conditioning unit.

A guest room at Stone Creek Lodge. Photo by Polly Dean.

For accommodations and guided fly – or spin – fishing services, contact Tandem Fly Outfitters through their website.

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