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On The Fly Gear

April 2022

By Claude Preston

Fly fishing takes you to some incredible places. After all “trout don’t live in ugly places,” nor do most fish we pursue for that matter. We have all heard that right? It is true, and with anything thing that we consume, we always consume with our eyes first.

I will admit, my passion is saltwater fly fishing, and in a game where your goal is to spot the fish before he spots you, your ability to see is paramount. I want to give myself any advantage I can that will keep me on the water and allow me to catch more fish.

Ask any fisherman that spends more than a week on the water a year, and they will tell you that you need to have a great pair of sunglasses that not only allow you to see through the water but are also comfortable enough to wear over the course of a 10-hour day. In my opinion, both of those factors are equally important!

The author tries them on.

I have worn lots of sunglasses over the years and recently Smith Optics released a new style that really caught my attention. The Deckboss frames were designed to prioritize both the optics and the comfort factors. The frames are made from a material called Evolve, which is a sustainably focused, bio-based material that produces lightweight and durable products. The Deckboss frames are  large fit, large coverage frames that allow minimum light penetration. They feature an 8-base lens curvature that offers that sloping wraparound fit.

Where these frames really take a step forward are the new easy-adjust QuickFit temples, which allow the wearer to create a customized fit.  The arms of the frames are bendable just like a rubberized pipe cleaner. When you couple that with the no-slip nose pads, it really gives the glasses a snug secure feel.

I noticed this especially when I had a sun gaiter on, I was able to put the arms on top of the gaiter by bending them to create a fit that would not fall off, even without a keeper.  Conversely, it would be no problem to put the arms over a low fitting hat without the fear of stretching the frames. The Deckboss frames come with leash-ready temple tips as well to always keep them ready.

Glasses that are ideal for long days on the water. Photo courtesy of Kevin Stump.

Smith Optics has long been on the forefront of lens technology with their ground-breaking Chromopop technology. The Deckboss frames come in a variety of colors and can be paired with most of the Chromopop lenses, depending on your personal tastes and fishing habits. The pair I reviewed were the Matte Tortoise with green mirror lenses. They are great for slight clouds and high sunlight.

These sunglasses are backed by the great warranty program and customer service at Smith. If you have been struggling to find a high-quality pair of sunglasses that fit properly without losing any performance, I highly recommend you checking out the Smith Deckboss.

The Deckboss glasses range from $199 – $259. Check them out at

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