Shine’s Conch Shack

End of the Line

Mangrove Cay, The Bahamas

March 2021

Driving north on the highway (there’s only one on the island) along the shore of Mangrove Cay, as you reach Moxey Town the shack appears on the right. Sitting on the water, the sign out front on the road says “Greene’s One Stop Conch Shack.” But the bar and eatery are only known as Shine’s Conch Shack to locals and visitors alike. You also find another sign facing the sea that has that moniker on it.

Photos by Jimmy Jacobs.

The more common name comes from fishing guide Shine Greene, who along with his family run the dining emporium. It is an open-air venue where you can sit at the bar, or at picnic tables in the yard. Either way you catch a nice breeze off the water.

Photo by Jimmy Jacobs.

The décor is rustic and atmosphere as casual as it comes. Just wear your flip flops, or even barefoot it. If you’d like to be part of the décor, grab a marker from the bar and add your name and philosophy to the plywood wall. One exceptional drawing of a bonefish by Ian Davis of Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures is on the inside of the bathroom wall!

You can expect to find fresh seafood, cold Kalik beer and other drinks, but especially some of the best cracked conch and conch salad in the islands. Nothing is fancy here; the food is served on Styrofoam plates with plastic utensils.

Photo by Jimmy Jacobs.

Cleaning conchs on the dock at Shine’s. Photo by Jimmy Jacobs.

Just how fresh is the conch? Upon our arrival at the dock after a day of fishing, a crew from the bar that included one of Shine’s brothers was sitting on the planks cleaning freshly harvested shellfish. The patron next to you at the bar may be a local commercial fisherman or sponger, but is just as likely to be a visitor from the U.S. or Europe. All are enjoying laidback island life and food. The biggest problem with Shine’s is you find it hard to tear yourself away. It’s an attraction on Mangrove Cay that you definitely need to have on your bucket list