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St. Marys, Georgia

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March 2023

If you choose to target seatrout with a fly on the southern end of the Georgia coastline, the Riverview Hotel in the historic seaport/fishing village of St. Marys makes a great headquarters. Built in 1916, then owned and operated by the Brandon family from 1920 to 2019, it is an icon of the St. Marys waterfront. New owners Burt Guy and C.B. Yadav are committed to providing the same tradition of friendly hospitality and relaxation that has made the Riverview a destination for more than a century.

The upstairs hallway. Photo by Jimmy Jacobs.

Located just across the street from the Cumberland Island National Seashore ferry dock, the hotel also serves as a great gateway for trips to that coastal wonderland.

Guest can lounge on the second floor veranda overlooking Osborne Street, with a view to the south across the St. Marys River to the Florida shore. Should the weather prove too chilly or warm and muggy, you can retire just inside to the communal sitting room.

Downstairs you’ll find Seagle’s Café, the oldest continually operated dining establishment in the town. The restaurant offers lunch and dinner menus, along with inside and outside seating overlooking the river. Additionally, they can arrange box lunches to take on your excursions to Cumberland Island. A free continental breakfast is provided for guests in the hotel lobby.

Seagle’s Cafe facing the St. Marys River. Photo by Jimmy Jacobs.

On the opposite side of the first floor is Captain Seagle’s Saloon, including a patio area, as well as a band stage complete with acoustics, lighting, and outdoor dancing area. Expect to meet both travelers and the local folks at the bar, which has a motto of  “Where Good Friends Meet, New and Old.”

As for accommodations, the 20 upstairs rooms are newly renovated and each has its own name. Many of these are derived for famous people who have stayed at the Riverview, among them Admiral Chester Nimitz, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and even famed weatherman Willard Scott (as a side note, Scott was the original portrayer of Ronald McDonald!).

Photos courtesy of Riverview Hotel.

Within easy walking distance you’ll find the St. Marys Museum and Visitors Center, along with the St. Marys Submarine Musuem.

Be aware, there is no elevator in the historic building, but the hotel staff will gladly carry luggage up to the guest rooms.

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