Rheos Floating Sunglasses

Fly Fishing the South

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Article & Photos By Jimmy Jacobs

January 2020

You are a lucky angler if it’s never happened to you. In my case, it’s been twice. The first time I was looking sporty with my glasses mounted on top of the visor of my cap. But when the boat accelerated across the flat going onto plane, the wind ripped them off and they sank to the bottom.

The second time I was bending over the gunnel to pick up a redfish for a photograph, not realizing one side of the lanyard had come loose from my sunglasses. As I looked down, the glasses fell off and I watched them disappear into the depths of the channel.

In each instance, it made the rest of the day a squinting and uncomfortable angling experience.

Fortunately, the new Rheos Floating Sunglasses now make such mishaps avoidable. Even better, they deliver that security at an affordable price. The basic principles of buoyancy apply: when an object displaces water, the heavier of the two sinks. That means when 2 ounces of water weighs slightly more than the object falling in, the water sinks and the object floats.

With that in mind, the Rheos frames are made of a highly durable and ultra-lightweight specialty polycarbonate material. Due to a unique manufacturing process, these frames weigh approximately 30 percent less than similar sunglasses molded in polycarbonate. The frames also maintain a hyper-durable structure to ensure comfort for long-term wear and floating capability. Additionally, the frames feature screw-lock hinges and a ComfortGrip nosepiece with inset logo.

It also means that just because your shades float, they are not bloated with extra buoys or air injections. They are stylish and comfortable on the water or the shore.

Rheos Floating Sunglasses come in eight styles for adults and three for kids, as well as four options for lens colors. Check them out at www.rheosgear.com.