Old Spruce Brewing

Photo by Jimmy Jacobs.

End of the Line

Snowshoe, West Virginia

By Polly Dean

October 2020

Old Spruce Brewing at the entrance to Silver Creek in the Snowshoe Ski Resort is a popular place to eat, drink and unwind after a day on the water or on the trails. Recently opening in the summer of 2019, the Old Spruce brewery has quickly gained a reputation as a place to gather and enjoy good food and drink. It has a friendly atmosphere with plenty of outdoor space and even several fire-pits. Those are kept lit and burning with roaring fires in cooler weather. That provides an ideal place to enjoy a warm chat with locals and visitors, young and old about the day’s adventures. Canine visitors are welcome as well.

Photo by Polly Dean.

The brewery features five year-round beers with additional seasonal offerings. The brews crafted here are quenching and easy to drink. They range from ales to porters, with the latter making a great dessert after eating. For those that do not prefer craft beer, the brewery offers red and white wine and a full selection of liquors as well.

Live local entertainment is provided on Saturday evenings, as well.

Photos by Polly Dean & Jimmy Jacobs.

The menu is limited, but adequate and satisfying. Returning for multiple visits is a viable alternative without repeating the same meal from one night to the next. Tacos, sliders, nachos and rice bowls are tasty and filling. We enjoyed this venue so much that we returned for a repeat visit and found the experiences very different and enjoyable each time.

If you are in the area fishing, it’s well worth it to stop off at Old Spruce Brewing once you’re off the water.

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