Miss Mayfly Moxie Chameleon Wading Pant

On The Fly Gear

August 2022

By Polly Dean

Miss Mayfly’s Moxie Chameleon Wading Pant had been on my radar already, but when I got a closer look at a pair at the Atlanta Fly Fishing Show, I was pretty quickly sold on the product. With the shallow trout streams I often wade, it was easy to see why a wading pant was more than adequate in these situations and could be advantageous over a pair of bib overalls or chest-high waders.

The author in her Miss Mayfly pants. Photo by Jimmy Jacobs.

The color of these wading pants doesn’t just look good, it is actually camouflage without the camo. As the name implies, like a chameleon, the breathable fabric provides tonal adaption to its environment. It compliments various shades of green, gold or gray.

Miss Mayfly’s Polyflex fabric is flexible, providing comfort and optimal performance. Movement it easy and the medium weight is suitable for year-round weather conditions with appropriate under layers. They also resist tears and abrasions.

The Moxie Chameleon Pants on the water. Photo courtesy of Circe Tsui.

And, if this hadn’t occurred to you, since it had not even occurred to me prior to a Miss Mayfly representative pointing it out, Miss Mayfly Wading Pants are a whole lot more convenient when needing to answer that “call of nature,” while on stream side. It doesn’t require one removing their fishing vest or pack to drop straps as is necessary on bib-style or chest waders.

Photo courtesy of Miss Mayfly.

The Moxie Chameleons come in a variety of sizes that fit every size and shape woman. Even those with large busts and narrow hips, tall or short stature will find the exceptional and flattering fit that they crave. All sizes are offered in slim, curvy, full and plus options. The pants also provide a solution for women who don’t like that pull of the upper body fabric that can occur during bending.

Miss Mayfly Ambassador Circe Tsui demonstrates the flexibilty of the Moxie Chameleon Pant. Photo courtesy of Circe Tsui.

The bootie is uniquely designed to form to your foot size, and it really does! There is nothing worse than excess bootie crammed with your already cold feet into your wading boot, or even a bootie that is too small.

Gear up in record time with Miss Mayfly’s Moxie Chameleon Wading Pant! You will be glad you did. The waders retail for $259.95.

Miss Mayfly is a brand geared toward lady anglers, created by lady anglers. It was founded in 2016 by Kimberly Ranalla, female angler who struggled to find gear that fit her or her adult daughter. She saw a need for gear designed for women that performed and looked flattering. The line consists of color-coordinating fishing gear that is made exclusively for women. For more details visit the Miss Mayfly website.