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A great Father’s Day gift option!

On The Fly Gear

June 2023

by Polly Dean

Photos courtesy of Free Fly Apparel

With approach of Father’s Day, the Free Fly Apparel line up of performance wear offers great options for gifts for angling dads. You also have the bonus of a 15 percent discount right now on your first purchase.

More than a decade ago, I met co-owners of a young company at a charity fishing tournament on the Georgia coast. Free Fly specializes in sun-protecting wear made from bamboo for men, women and youngsters. Free Fly had generously donated bamboo long-sleeved shirts to all participants in the tournament. I was immediately sold on the product, because of its comfort in even the hottest of weather.

In the ensuing years, I have purchased dozens of Free Fly bamboo for myself and family members. It is the only long-sleeve shirt that I can wear in blazing hot sun and still be comfortable. Being an avid fly angler and person that loves being outdoors, I have learned about performance-wear and how it is designed to protest us from the sun. I’ve found nothing that compares to bamboo in comfort and practicality.

I have also learned that natural fabrics such as bamboo will not retain odor. This can be an asset when packing for a fishing trip. Knowing that I can wear an item multiple times, helps to make my packing more efficient and lightweight. And honestly, when in the tropics and headed out for a full day of fishing in the hot sun, I don’t look forward to putting on long sleeves for that extra protection from the sun’s harmful rays. With bamboo, I do not hesitate to wear it. I am cool and covered. The clothing is moisture-wicking and breathable. It doesn’t hold in the heat as synthetic fabrics and polyesters tend to do. Bamboo is even more breathable than other natural fibers such as cotton, hemp or wool.

The ultra-fine bamboo yarn is buttery-soft and delivers natural protection from ultra-violet rays, without added chemicals. Bamboo is renewable as well, growing up to 4 feet a day, requiring no pesticides or fertilizers. When harvested only the top part is taken to minimize replanting and soil erosion. So, it is a product that is earth-friendly and renewable.

Located in Charleston, South Carolina, the folks at Free Fly are familiar with the heat and humidity of our southern climate. Being avid fly fishers themselves, they have perfected performance-wear that promises to provide a comfortable layer of protection from the sun’s harmful rays. The company is always adding new colors and with the popularity of bamboo, they are constantly adding new styles. They have even expanded their product line for youth and toddlers.

For more details and their complete line up of gear, visit

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