Chota CLOAK Wading Shoe Covers

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Summer 2023

The heat of summer can be tough on trout in the South.  But it also affects fly casters as well. One of the better places to find cold water and hungry fish at this time of year is in the smaller streams high in the mountain regions.  

Just getting to such places wearing waders and felt-soled boots presents some uncomfortable options. You can wear them for the hike to these back country spots – and sweat profusely in the process. Carrying them is not much better.  

This is a situation where a new innovation from Chota Outdoor Gear can make the fishing more comfortable. The new Chota® CLOAK wading shoe cover is a light and effective way to turn any shoe, sandal, or boot into a felt-soled wading shoe. It is great for kids whose feet have not stopped growing, and easy to wear over an old pair of tennis shoes.   

Hiking into fish or just wanting better stability when crossing streams on your favorite trail? Just throw the CLOAK over your favorite sandals. 

Do you have a pair of rubber soled fishing boots and need to use felt for those slippery streams? Use the CLOAK to convert your rubber-soled boots to felt-soled wading boots. 

These covers are super light and packable for those times when weight and room are at a premium.

Chota Outdoor Gear insists on the finest materials and craftsmanship to assure the highest standards of quality.Whether paddling your favorite stream or working on your perfect open loop, you will feel completely in control of the elements in your Chota gear. Every product is solidly backed with a no-nonsense warranty against defects.

The mission statement of the company headquartered in Charleston, Tennessee is to help you make the most of your time in the outdoors with innovative and comfortable gear.

The CLOAK wading shoe covers have 3-millimeter neoprene uppers, teamed with Kevlar reinforced toe, heel and side panels. The felt soles are attached using marine grade hook-and-loop materials, plus the covers feature heavy-duty anti-slip YKK plastic zippers. Based on a size 10, the covers weigh just 3.5 ounces each.

A pair of the covers have a MSRP of $59.95. For more details visit the Chota Outdoor Gear website.    

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