Boogle Bug Poppers

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May 2021

When it comes to tossing popping bugs for bass and panfish, there are two major factors that set some of those “bugs” apart. First of all, you want them to create a lot of enticing commotion to attract the fish. This is particularly important when fishing in moving river or creek situations where currents and ripples often can disrupt how the fly performs.

The second factor is durability. You need a popper that can stand up to hooking multiple fish, as well as errant casts that hit logs or rocks on occasion.

Against this backdrop, one fly that has proven particularly good on both counts is the BoogleBug Popper. The On The Fly South crew has tossed these poppers in multiple rivers from Florida to Texas and the Mid-Atlantic region with success at catching several species of bass and lots of bream.

Here’s how this company headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama defines their product: 1: a very attractive, most durable bass bug or panfish bug used by knowledgeable warmwater fly fishing anglers to provoke aggressive topwater feeding by their finned adversaries. 2: one very tough, good looking bug that will catch you lots of bass and panfish for fun or food.

Our response is they know their product. These flies have brought a lot of fish to our landing nets.

The features that contribute to the BoogleBug patterns’ ability to take punishment are premium grade cork bodies, Mustad Signature hooks, a strong hook-to-cork bond and resilient polymer finish. Clog-free hook eyes, along precision graphic detailing and strike enticing materials all aid in completing the catch.

BoogleBug come in sizes ranging from 4 to 10. The BooglePopper is designed for those times when you need lots of fish-attracting noise, while the BoogleBullet or new Amnesia Bug patterns are just right for still water or stealth presentations. All three patterns are available in seven color schemes.

Check out the full line on the BoogleBug website.

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