A Lighter Touch For Euro Nymphing

On The Fly Gear

March 2020

RIO’s Euro Nymph Shorty is an ultra-thin, super-sensitive fly line designed for the Euro nymph angler.

The line is deliberately made short (20 feet) so it can be added to the front end of a regular fly line utilizing the thin welded loop on the end of the regular fly line, and the one on the back end of the Euro Nymph Shorty. 

The idea is that anglers fish their normal fly fishing style with their regular trout line, and when they come to a run they want to nymph through, they simply loop the Shorty on and start nymphing. Quick, easy and no need for an extra rod or reel.

Interested in learning more about the Euro Nymph Shorty? Your local fly shop has all the info you need and more…and would love your support during these difficult times. Click on the link below to find your nearest authorized RIO dealer and give them a call or visit. 

Rio Dealers

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