St. Simons Island, Georgia

Featured photo by Jimmy Jacobs

End of the Line

By Polly Dean

June, 2021

Knowing the best watering holes is an angler’s specialty – and we’re not talking about the ones you drop a line in. We’re talking about watering holes where fishermen go to tell tales – whether bragging about the day’s catch, lamenting the one that got away or just to plain forget.

Photo by Jimmy Jacobs.

Murphy’s Tavern, a stroll away from the Georgia coastal island’s fishing pier in the downtown village area of St. Simons, is the quintessential dive bar where fishermen and just about anyone else can be found enjoying a cold one. The clientele includes local guides and fishermen just off the boat, folks capping off their work day and those who don’t claim to have a work day. Sharing space at the bar are residents of the exclusive nearby Sea Island – fresh off the golf course, or later in the evening stopping for a nightcap following dinner, a charity event or a wedding.

The seats at the bar are usually the first to fill up. There is a smattering of tables with straight back chairs. Dusty books line a bookcase on the front wall. The pool tables are popular, as patrons place their quarters ready to challenge whoever is running the table at the moment. A dart board on the wall alongside the fireplace also garners its fair share of attention from the customers.

Photo by Capt. David Edens.

Murphy’s bartenders are attentive and adept at serving up cold beer, cocktails and rounds of shots. On cold (may dip into the 40s) winter nights they keep the fire in the fireplace crackling. Perhaps the role they shine at most is that of DJ. The music is bartenders’ choice and they don’t disappoint covering everything from the Rolling Stones to Frank Sinatra, with rock ‘n roll tunes covering the hits to the deep cuts, plus jam bands and oldies in between.

Whether it’s the redfish, speckled trout, or summertime tarpon that bring you to St. Simons Island, Murphy’s Tavern is the watering hole that shouldn’t be passed by.

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