Cat 5 Raw Bar & Grill

Port St. Joe, Florida

End of the Line

June 2023

Photos by Polly Dean

Fly fishers targeting the west coast of Florida are hard pressed to find a better area to pursue their passion than the Port St. Joe to Cape San Blas shores of St. Joe Bay. The seagrass and sand flats of the bay harbor plenty of redfish, seatrout and other assorted species of game fish.

Needless to say, the region’s great weather, beaches and other attractions draw folks from all over the southeast to the area. After a day on the water, you will likely get thirsty to go along with the appetite you build up. A great destination for taking care of both those needs is the Cat 5 Raw Bar & Grill.

Situated on Highway 30A, just 5 minutes south of the town of Port St. Joe, Cat 5 celebrates its namesake connection to hurricanes by cooking up a storm of great food. The eatery bills itself as an “Old Florida Family Seafood restaurant with a million-dollar view.” 

On the deck at Cat 5.

That view is available from its second-floor position over the St. Joe Shrimp Company, whether you choose to sit in the air-conditioned indoors looking through window glass, or while stationed at one of the picnic tables on the deck. Either way you are looking west out across St. Joe Bay. If you are on site during the weekend, you can enjoy live music on the deck as well. You can reach the restaurant and deck via stairs, or they also have an elevator available.

Stairs or elevator: your choice.

The view or entertainment likely will only hold your interest until the food starts arriving at your table. Their signature White Cap Gumbo is a winner. The cream-based offering is choked full of shrimp and other delights from the sea. Another great option is the fish basket. On recent visits the baskets were offered with tripletail as the fish one day and grouper the next. Those came fried, blackened or grilled, served with sides like cheese grits or fried okra. And, of course, it is a raw bar, so go ahead and order some oysters on the half shell.

Soft drinks, along with a selection of beer or a wine of your choice are available.

Check out their Facebook page for more information.

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